Anja Schneider Exits Mobilee Records, Launches SoUs Music

Anja Schneider

In an unexpected move Berlin-based DJ/producer Anja Schneider announced today on Facebook that she is leaving Mobilee Records, the house/techno label she co-founded in 2005 with Ralf Kollmann.

Schneider wrote, “As of today, I’m no longer involved in mobilee records. After founding the label 12 years ago, it’s time to explore new creative projects. Mobilee will continue business as usual run by label partner Ralf Kollmann. I wish him and the team all the best.”

With Mobilee now in her rear-view mirror, Schneider will launch her new label, SoUS Music. The label will serve as the platform to release her upcoming artist album, which is her first in nine years.

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She added, “SoUS will be the most personal project of my career. The name comes from my family and connects me to my roots – which for me, has provided the foundation for my lifelong passion and career in music.”

Read her full statement below.

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