Yas! Fabric93 Mixed by Soul Clap Out in April

soul clap Fabric93

NYC via Boston funk phenomenons Soul Clap — Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine — have lent their diverse musical touch to fabric93. The release comes as the purveyors of EFUNK —Everybody’s Freaky Under Nature’s Kingdom — mark a decade creating music for the dance floor.

The 34-track session due out April 21 features exclusive tracks as well as contributions Crew Love cohorts and like-minded legends Barbara Tucker, Joakim, Scott Grooves, and Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen.

The pair will present an album release party on April 15 April alongside No Regular Play (live) and Scott Grooves at the legendary London club.

Obligatory press release gush from Eli and Charlie about the compilation: “It’s a huge honor to do a fabric mix and we wanted to make it special, and paint a picture of our eclectic musical world, but stay rooted in house music. We have so many memories at fabric and this mix represents the music that we play there, faster tempo, more electronic drums, deep and trippy sounds. But we still believe that mixes should be appropriate to listen to at home, on your headphones, or at an afterparty getting silly with friends; energetic, but always gentle.”

fabric93 tracklist:

  1. Scott Grooves & Ian Fink – Ambientroit w/Soul Clap Feat. Derren Smart (fabric Intro) [Unreleased]
  2. The Return – New Day [4th Floor]
  3. Jay Daniel – Paradise Valley [Technicolour]
  4. Life On Planets & David Marston – Take Your Time (Marston’s Dub 7” Edit) [Crew Love]
  5. Jesse Futerman/I-Robots – Gem (Hidden Spheres Remix) [Church]/Dirty Talk Feat. Donna McGhee (Original Acapella) [Opilec]
  6. Ancient Deep – Early Werk Feat. Carlos Mena (fabric Edit) [Deeper Shades]
  7. Barbara Tucker – I Get Lifted (X.T.C. Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
  8. Lonely C & Tom Trago – The Compass Joint (Spaventi Dazzurro King Dub) [Unreleased]
  9. Midnight Magic – I Gotta Feeling (Soul Clap & Morgan Wiley Dub) [Soul Clap]
  10. Soul Clap, No Regular Play & John Camp – Weekend At Barnies (7” Edit) [Missed Connections]
  11. Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda – Bravado [Clarity]
  12. SuRFBiT – Slide Gloves [Q Face]
  13. Taylor Bense – Feels Good To Be Loved [Wolf + Lamb]
  14. Martin Heimann – Salto (Moon B Bubblin’ Mix) [Carry On]
  15. Zacky Force Funk Feat. Kutmah – The Split [Clone]
  16. Château Flight Feat. P.J. Choir – Ongaku (Unreleased Electro Dub) [Versatile]
  17. Youandewan – Something Keeps Me Real Quiet [!K7/Aus]
  18. Storm & Herman – Gotta Work [Strictly Rhythm]
  19. Indian Ocean/Derren Smart & Cornerbred – School Bell/Tree House [Phase One]/Strange Boys (Acapella)[Unreleased]
  20. Willie Burns – Candid Fireworks (Tom Noble Remix) [Superior Elevation]
  21. The Pool – Dance In Dub [Dark Entries]
  22. Nu Guinea – Nu World (Flute Mix) [Tartelet]
  23. Daev Martian – Live Love [Stay True]
  24. Life On Planets – Move It Forward [Soul Clap]
  25. The Hue – Spaced Out [Classic]
  26. Jack Novin & Matt Grone – Gang Progress (7” Edit) [Soul Clap]
  27. Ken Gill – Love Moon [Alleviated]
  28. Zopelar – Memories (7” Edit) [Soul Clap]
  29. Conga Radio – Right Beside You [Good Timin’]
  30. Sol Power All-Stars – Djidjo Vide Feat. Elikeh [Sol Power]
  31. Joakim – Boipeba (Dub) [Mareh Music]
  32. Maajo – Maajo [Queen Nanny]
  33. Jimi Tenor & Tony Allen – Path To Wisdom [!K7]
  34. Scott Grooves – Bittersweet Stripped [Natural Midi]

Darren Ressler

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