Marc Houle Launching Album Trilogy in 2017

marc houle Sinister Mind

marc houle Sinister Mind

David Bowie, Neil Young and Bob Dylan are among a long list of influential rock artists who released album trilogies during their career. That sort of artistic innovation is rare in the singles-driven world of electronic music, but it hasn’t stopped producer Marc Houle from attempting this artistic feat. On March 24 Houle will release Sinister Minds, which is the first of an album trilogy, on his Items & Things imprint. Known for his array of releases for M_nus and breathtaking live techno sets, Houle’s trilogy will showcase his other musical proclivities. Both he and his brother also play guitar on several of the tracks, and that no doubt widens the sonic palette he’s known for.

Obligatory press release gush from Houle, who once shared his adoration of British metal band Iron Maiden with Big Shot, about the nine-track release: “After over 10 years of making music, I felt it was a good time to stop and access my musical journey. I didn’t plan on a trilogy but I realised I had so much to say that limiting it to only 1 LP wouldn’t get the whole story across. The first album ‘Sinister Mind’ reflects more the dark tendencies and tones of my sound.”

Sinister Mind Tracklist

  1. Don’t Think of Me
  2. Sinister Mind
  3. Maskatron
  4. Loafers
  5. Failure
  6. Bassorrific
  7. Dark Tom
  8. Conbular
  9. Paligama

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