Artist’s Disco Ball Cement Mixer Transforms Work Site Into a Rave


Disco balls have been a staple at nightclubs around the world for decades. Developed in the late 1890s and popularized in the Roaring Twenties, these rotating mirrored spheres softly reflect light in various directions and add ambiance to any room. Experiential French artist Benedetto Bufalino, who has installed a walled football field on a beach and transformed an upside down car into a into a playable ping pong table, has taken the concept to the next level by transforming a cement mixer into a giant rotating disco ball and parking it at a construction site in Lyon, France. As the giant mixer rotates, mirrored tiles on the truck reflect rays of light. As evidenced in the video below, Bufalino even cues up a selection of dance music to entice passersby — who are hopefully wearing a pair of construction boots — to join an impromptu street party for hardened clubbers only.

[via Designboom]

Darren Ressler

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