Fire Breaks Out at Oakland Warehouse During Rave Cave Party


A ferocious four-alarm fire has broken out at a warehouse party at the Ghost Ship located at 1305 31st Ave. in Oakland, CA. The blaze, which started around 11:30 p.m. Friday, roared through the building. Madison, WI/Portland, OR-based artist Golden Donna was scheduled to perform as a “rave cave” as part of his 100% Silk West Coast tour.

According to reports, about a dozen people are still unaccounted for and the scene is chaotic. According to Oakland dispatch, the fire is not yet under control and people have been sent to local hospitals.

A Twitter account that posts about Oakland firefighters reported that the fire has gone through the roof and all units have been told to withdraw from the building.

People worried about friends who attended the party are posting names of the unaccounted on the event’s Facebook page. More as this story develops.

Update 9:55 am EST: Fire officials report that the blaze has been brought under under control. Smoke is still coming from the an upper floor of the building. Arson investigators will be called to the scene.

Update 11:00 am EST: TMZ is reporting that nine people were killed in the fire and at least 13 are still missing. A fund has been set up to help those affected by the fire. Donations can be made here.

Update Dec. 4, 2105 5:05 EST At least 30 people have been confirmed killed, according to Sgt. Ray Kelly of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Crews are continuing to search the building.

Update Dec. 5 1:33 PM EST: The death toll has risen to 36. Authorities are still searching the scene.

Darren Ressler

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