Prolific Kenneth James Gibson Unleashes New [a]pendics.shuffle LP

kennethjamesgibson_Aware Sequence Found Life

Some artists simply seem to have a different kind of creative metabolism than others. Take Kenneth James Gibson for example. If his heartbeat was as accelerated as his creative output he’d undoubtedly have been in a hospital by now. After all, Gibson has worked under a slew of different names, including Reverse Commuter, Bell Gardens, dubLoner and more, making records for high-profile labels like Warp, Mille Plateaux and Planet Mu, to name just a few. When all is said and done, the man has made more than 200 records. And now he’s getting set for a new one, under yet another of his artistic aliases, [a]pendics.shuffle.

Aware Sequence Found Life, which is due out July 8 on Gibson’s own Adunct Audio label, will be his second under the aforementioned moniker, and the first of those in 11 years. With assists from Kinsey Dulcet Moore and Gibson’s wife Kelly Johnston, the record brings together a disparate batch of influences. techno, ambient, deep house, minimal, avant-garde and other flavors are brought together under one roof on Aware Sequence Found Life, and those who scarf up the vinyl version will get a bonus remix of “Dark Outlines” from Sender Records honcho Benno Blome, while the bonus track on the digital version is a continuous mix with extra material.

Jim Allen

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