Ableton’s Loop 2016 is Coming to Funkhaus Berlin


Ableton’s Loop event, a gathering place for electronic musicians, producers, and engineers, will be back in Berlin for the second annual summit on November 4-6, 2016. And it will be happening at the Funkhaus Berlin, which has a heavy-duty legacy in German culture.

The full program will be revealed in July, but if last year’s Loop is anything to go by, there’ll be no shortage of fascinating items on the agenda. The 2015 Loop featured the likes of Matthew Herbert, Holly Herndon and many more, with workshops, panels, talks and performances, centered on the use of technology in music making, but encompassing a broad range of artistic issues.

Just as impressive as the event itself is the venue where it will be taking place. Funkhaus Berlin holds an important place in German history. In the days of a divided Germany, it was the home of East German radio. Today it hosts several state-of-the-art studios but still retains its old grandeur, having been designed by Bauhaus architect Franz Ehrlich in the ’50s. If you want to be a part of Loop 2016, you’ll have to register starting May 18 at the website.

In the meantime, for a taste of the Funkhaus feel, you can get yourself a virtual tour via the video below.

Jim Allen

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