RIP Los Angeles DJ Pumpkin

DJ Pumpkin RIP

Southern California DJ/producer Nicholas Alvarado, who worked under the Pumpkin moniker and was part of The Do Lab collective, died in a car accident on March 25 his way to a gig at Head for the Hills in Kerrville, Texas. The tragic news was announced yesterday on his Facebook page by his long-time friend Sammy Bliss.

“It’s with a completely broken heart that I need to let you all know that Nick died in a car accident last night in Texas, on his way to a festival,” Bliss wrote of Alvarado, who produced music and played at high-profile festivals including Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle and Sea of Dreams. “I’ve known Nick since he was too young to drink, we came up together in the music world, throwing parties and having some of the best of times together, as I know so many of you have. I share with all of you my deepest sadness at the loss of a truly great human being and an epic friend. Not sure anything can fill the void we are all going to feel over the coming days, weeks, years … Just time I suppose.”

The organizers of Head for the Hills dedicated the festival to Pumpkin’s memory, posting on Facebook, “We are extremely saddened by the loss of an incredible musician. He was loved by many and his music brought us together. We dedicate the rest of our festival to celebrating his life and as a festival we have a beautiful opportunity to come together to send all of our love to his family and loved ones, and together as a whole we can hopefully bring some light to this difficult time.”

Bliss added that an event is being organized to celebrate Alvarado’s life. We’ll make those details public as soon as they are confirmed.

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