Serato’s Pyro iOS App Seamlessly Mixes Your Music

serrato Pyro

Serato has long been regarded as one of the industry leaders when it comes to DJ mixing software. The brand has taken their technology mobile by launching Pyro, an iOS music player app that seamlessly mixes your music from Spotify, iTunes and MP3. The Serato Pyro App, which took two years to create, is available for free from the App Store on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch in 16 languages in over 150 countries.

The powerful Serato algorithms inside Pyro allow it to break down each song, finding every beat, then blending them smoothly so it’s hard to tell where one song ends and the next one begins. Serato Pyro actually changes the speed of the incoming song to match the one currently playing for an unbelievably smooth listening experience. If the tempos of the two songs are too far apart, Pyro uses an old DJ trick called the “echo out” to make a smooth transition.

Pyro allows you to create your mix by selecting just one song and letting The Echo Nest do the work, curating your playlist yourself in the app from any source, or using playlists already available from DJ Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, Diplo, Steve Aoki, The Roots and more. The brand has promised more updates throughout the year, including Android.


Obligatory press release gush from A.J. Bertenshaw, co-founder and CEO, Serato: “We created Pyro so that everyone can experience their music, beautifully mixed. Almost two decades ago, Serato changed the professional audio industry forever, and our software has been revolutionizing the industry ever since. Now, with Serato Pyro, we’re ready to mix it up again and change the way music lovers everywhere listen to music.”

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