‘Genius Of Time’ Pays Homage to Larry Levan

Larry Levan

The late Paradise Garage resident Larry Levan not only took DJing to the next level in the ’70s and ’80s with his eclectic all-night sets but he was also a formidable remixer/producer. Levan, who died in 1992, is the subject of a forthcoming double-CD tribute titled Genius of Time showcasing his multitude of classic remixes for NYC Peech Boys, Man Friday, Grace Jones, Jeffry Osbourne, Gwen Guthrie, Loose Joints and others.

The 22-track compendium from Universal Music is set for release on March 25 and features liner notes by UK-based DJ/writer/musician Chris Menist.

A man who led a fascinating, somewhat dark life but managed to overcome adversity and blaze countless musical trails begs the question: When will Hollywood finally bring Levan’s story to the big screen?


1. NYC Peech Boys – Life Is Something Special (Special Edition)
2. Syreeta – Can’t Shake Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)
3. Gwen Guthrie – Padlock (Larry Levan Mix)
4. Man Friday – Love Honey, Love Heartache (A Larry Levan Mix)
5. Merc & Monk – Carried Away (Larry Levan Remix)
6. Dee Dee Bridgewater – Bad For Me (Larry Levan Mix)
7. Bert Reid – Groovin’ With You (Vocal, Levan Edit)
8. Tramaine – The Rock (Garage Vocal Version)
9. Man Friday – Groove (Larry’s Yaw)
10. Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Larry Levan Remix)
11. Gwen Guthrie – Seventh Heaven (Levan Mix)

1. David Joseph – You Can’t Hide Your Love (Larry Levan Mix)
2. Grace Jones – Feel Up (Larry Levan Mix)
3. Gwen Guthrie – It Should Have Been You (Larry Levan Mix)
4. Loose Joints – Tell Me (Today) (Larry Levan Mix)
5. Esther Williams -I’ll Be Your Pleasure (Larry Levan Mix)
6. Man Friday – Real Love (The Paradise Garage Mix)
7. Central Line – Walking Into Sunshine (Special Mix)
8. Jeffrey Osborne – Plane Love (Specially Remixed Version – Larry Levan Remix)
9. Gwen Guthrie – Peanut Butter (Long Vocal) Larry Levan Remix)
10. Smokey Robinson – And I Don’t Love You (Instrumental Dub)
11. Peech Boys – Don’t Make Me Wait (Extended Version)

Darren Ressler

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