Geddes, Voigtmann Aid Syrian Refugees at Dance For Humanity


If you’re sick of the helpless feeling you get from seeing the news about the Syrian refugees and their catastrophic state and not knowing how you can help, here’s an idea. Not only will this event organized jointly by Toi Toi Musik and No Fit State allow you to aid the countless refugees currently in crisis, it will even offer you the opportunity to attend what will likely be a pretty awesome event. Dance For Humanity will be happening at Shapes in the Hackney section of London on October 26, and it’s a perfect example of arts organizations (and audiences) coming together for a humanitarian cause.

Who says music doesn’t have the power to change the world? Not Stuart Geddes, Isis Salvaterra, and Claus Voigtmann, who are organizing the event specifically to aid the Starfish charity operation Help For Refugees in Molyvos.

Geddes and Voigtmann themselves are on the evening’s bill of course, but several other guests including Unai Trotti are expected as well. Unfortunately, their identities remain a secret at the moment, but considering the earth-shattering importance of the cause, it’s a fair bet that whoever turns up will be giving it their all. Anyone interested in obtaining Dance For Humanity tickets can go here.

Jim Allen

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