DJ Klever Messes With Texas, Gets Arrested in El Paso


Noted turntablist DJ Klever ran into some trouble while on tour with Yelawolf in El Paso, TX on Friday night. Klever was arrested after allegedly becoming intoxicated and assaulting the promoter of the Texas Showdown festival at County Coliseum, which is apparently America’s largest tattoo festival. El Paso sheriff’s deputies said Klever was found with contraband and resisted arrest.

Yelawolf reportedly posted about the alleged altercation between Klever and the promoter on his Facebook, adding he will never perform at the Texas Showdown Festival again. The post has since been deleted.

“The promoter slapped his hand away .. Like really slapped his hand away .. Refusing to help him up .. Klever raised up like what the f**k man ?!! Reaching his hand out again,” said the post by Yelawolf. “And just like that .. The cops jumped on him .. They slammed him shirtless to the concrete .. Smashed his face all up .. There was blood everywhere.”

A later Facebook post by Yelawolf — which included the above photo of Klever — alleges that police roughed up Klever. “Broken nose .. Stitches on his eye .. Concussion .. El Paso PD laid the DIRTY law down on my brother Klever .. This is far from over though #‎slumerican‬ ‪#‎ftp‬ @kleversworld.”

Image via Facebook

Darren Ressler

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