‘The Other’ Coming from Pan-Pot


It was back in 2007 that Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, better known collectively as Pan-Pot, released their first album, Pan-O-Rama, which really cemented the Berlin-based duo’s reputation after years of EPs. It’s been a long wait, but the follow-up LP is finally on the way, promising not only the kind of minimal techno that Pan-Pot is known for, but some intriguing variations along the way. On September 25, Second State, the duo’s label, will be delivering The Other, which will move the Pan-Pot story along to its eagerly awaited next chapter.

Along with Ippenberger and Benedix, The Other features guests Kevin Knapp, L.O.U. from ABBY, and the Berlin vocalist Frankie. Expanding on the sound Pan-Pot established with their earlier album and EP’s, The Other will take some stylistic detours, dipping into everything from dashes of leftfield to flirtations with dance-pop. And if you feel like you can’t wait until the end of September for some new sounds from the duo, you’re in luck. The Other One, which contains two songs (“808 Nirvana” and “Pina”) from the forthcoming album, is out on July 17, with another EP/single due out this summer as well.


1. Your Attention
2. 808 Nirvana
3. Optimistic Grey
4. Pina
5. Sleepless feat. L.O.U.
6. Riot feat. Frankie
7. Get In feat. Kevin Knapp
8. Operator
9. Fist Bump From Destiny
10. Broken Engine
11. The Luxury Of Living Day By Day
12. Twelve
13. Fugitive (Pan-Pot & ABBY)
14. Punxsutawney

Jim Allen

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