A Real Record Made out of a Tortilla [Video]


If you’re a vinyl aficionado, odds are you’ve seen all sorts of variations on the form over the years, from colored vinyl bearing all the hues of the rainbow to 180 gram pressings to every conceivable kind of laser-etched artwork. By this point, when it comes to the possibilities for what can be done with a record, you might even suppose you’ve seen it all. But you’d be wrong. Unless, that is, you’ve already seen the playable tortilla. See, a video went viral recently featuring what appeared to be a turntable playing a tortilla, but apparently it wasn’t 100 percent legit (it used dubbed-in music). Some adventurous soul with a lot of time on his or her hands then decided to right this wrong by creating a real, playable record from a tortilla.

Here then, in all its glory is the real-deal musical tortilla you may or may not have been waiting for. You can watch the whole process play out right before your eyes, as a laser cutter is used to actually etch the grooves into the tortilla in question. And then the resulting edible LP is plopped onto a turntable and the needle is dropped on it. The sounds that emerge might not exactly be the sort of thing that’ll end up on the radio or anything, but they are definitely recognizable as music…which is more than you can say for some “real” records.

Jim Allen

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