LCD’s James Murphy Opens Williamsburg Wine Bar

James Murphy Four Horsemen Brooklyn

As 45-year-old DFA Records co-founder and former LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy knows better than anybody, even the archest of hipsters has to grow up sometime. Hell, he was hinting at the idea on his band’s very first single. Accordingly, now that he’s no longer storming the stage with LCD, Murphy has gotten into an extramusical project. If anyone is gonna open a wine bar in Williamsburg, it might as well be Murphy, and that’s exactly what he’s gone and done. Four Horsemen is open now at 295 Grand St. in Brooklyn, serving fine wines and food as well.

Murphy is a founding partner in the new business, working with Nick Curtola of Franny’s, who created the food menu and others. Murphy did the sound engineering for the space, and the partners all contributed to picking the selection of all-natural wines.

Question: if you shell out 40 bucks for pork shank with beans, salsa verde, zucchini, porcini mushrooms, and salad, and follow it with an upscale wine, does that mean that you’re losing your edge? As far as Murphy’s concerned, it simply means that he’s finding a new groove for himself. And it goes without saying that the bar’s music will be impeccable.

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