IRS Says DJ Laundered Weed Money Through Label


Stu Pflaum (pictured), better known to some as DJ Xplosive, is in serious hot water. Pflaum, who runs the label Element 9, has apparently been under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service, the U.S. Postal Inspectors and United the Northern Ohio Law Enforcement Task Force for money laundering. According to an article in the Cleveland Scene, Pflaum is accused of working with a “drug trafficking organization” to sell marijuana and then slowly and methodically laundering the drug money through Element 9.

Now, if Pflaum, 33, lived in Denver instead of Cleveland, it might have been a whole different story. But regardless of what one may think about the current marijuana laws, the fact remains that the powers that be take a pretty dim view of this sort of thing.

Pflaum, a 2006 Ohio University grad, is said not to have acted alone, either. The IRS says he and his cohorts made use of at least 28 different bank accounts in order to launder the money.

And while the amount he’s suspected to have funneled through his label is $45,850, the authorities reckon that the total amount deposited in all of the accounts was over $700,000.

How did the nature of the alleged illegal activity come to be known by the authorities? The IRS analyzed financial records from grand jury subpoenas, informants and witnesses were used, and they have security photos from when they were at the bank.

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Jim Allen

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