Sam Prekop’s New Video Was Made With a Modular Synth

Sam Prekop A Geometric

When he first became known back in the ’90s, Sam Prekop was at the forefront of the post-rock revolution with his band The Sea and Cake. He’s been involved in plenty of projects since then, but in more recent years, while nobody was looking, Prekop immersed himself in the wonderfully weird world of modular synthesizers, becoming a bit of an ace on the big analog beasts. In 2010 he made an album of analog synth music, Old Punch Card, and this year he released a new modular-oriented opus, The Republic, which is full of warm, aqueous, hypnotic synth sounds.

But now Prekop has taken his modular obsession to new heights. Enlisting the aid of a video artist who works under the moniker brownshoesonly, he gave the world a music video made with a modular synth. God only knows how it was done, but the visuals provided by brownshoesonly make the perfect companion to “A Geometric,” an engrossing track from Prekop’s latest album.

Be warned that extended viewing of a video like this can quite likely lead to tripping one’s bloody brains out. But then again, that’s probably just what Prekop and his brown-shoed buddy had in mind from the beginning.


Jim Allen

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