Woman Sues Nightclub For DJ’s Bad Crowd Surfing


Crowd surfing is stupid and dangerous. Just ask Varsha Doggala, a Pittsburgh, PA woman who has filed a lawsuit against Static Nightclub claiming a DJ from the venue landed on top of her after a failed attempt at crowd surfing during an event last July, fracturing her pelvis and leaving her with assorted physical ailments including back pain.

“He just kind of jumped off the stage crowd surfing, but there wasn’t much of a crowd to catch him,” said Doggala. “He hit me from the front, I was kind of crushed.”

The name of the DJ involved in the alleged incident has yet to be named, though he is described as weighing roughly 200 pounds.

Doggala is seeking damages in excess of $35,000 from the Strip District nightclub. The club has yet to comment on the litigation.

Image by C Ford via Wikipedia

Darren Ressler

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