Steve Aoki Gets Emotional During Katie Couric Interview


Katie Couric has worked as a network news anchor and 60 Minutes correspondent, interviewing world leaders and captains of industry. Now her role at Yahoo News has led her to sitting down with Dim Mak head/EDM star Steve Aoki.

To Couric’s credit, she’s extremely well prepared by her staff about electro-house, bootlegs and Aoki’s past. Likewise, Aoki is articulate and likable.

When asked about his early bootlegs, Aoki tells a surprised Couric that SoundCloud is filled with unsanctioned interpretations of songs.

While he is a bit of a buffoon on stage — there’s lots of time in the conversation devoted to why he “cakes” his fans — Aoki choked up when Couric brought up his father, Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, who passed away in 2008.

Aoki reiterates his often-told story about living from hand to mouth for much of his adult life when he moved to Los Angeles, trying to make a go of his party/label and DJ career. Seeing his son struggling to make “$100 here, $100 there” led him to suggest other career options for his son.

Choking back tears Aoki said, “In 2008 he finally got to a place where he was like, I don’t have to worry about you…that was nice to get to a place where I was like, Dad, I made it.”

Darren Ressler

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