DJs React To The Spaceape’s Passing On Twitter

The Spaceape

As the music world comes to terms with the untimely passing of DJ Rashad, Frankie Knuckles, MC Sparks and others in recent months Hyperdub’s news yesterday that vocalist/poet Stephen Samuel Gordon (a.k.a. The Spaceape), a solo artist and collaborator with Kode9, Burial, The Bug and Martyn, had died after a five-year battle with cancer was almost too much to handle.

Fans, friends and peers have been offering their condolences on social media since the news broke. Several notable DJs have paid tribute to The Spaceape on Twitter, describing him as a poetic giant.

Sadly, his death comes a few weeks before the release of The Killing Season EP, which is his first collaborative release with Kode9 since their 2011 album Black Sun, due out on October 28.

Here’s an assortment of some of their heartfelt tweets — from the likes of Skream, Maryanne Bobbs and Ambivalent — who pay homage to the poetic giant.

Rest in peace, Stephen Samuel Gordon, and thank you for all of the brilliant music you gave us.

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