Dan Bodan Going ‘Soft’ in October

Dan Bodan

Since singer-producer Dan Bodan relocated to Berlin from Canada eight years ago his career has slowly been on the rise. After establishing a relationship with Big Apple indie DFA Records, releasing a select array of singles has culminated in his upcoming album, Soft. Due out in October, the full-length features album artwork designed by notable artist Julien Ceccaldi, whose work currently graces the cover of Artforum‘s Summer issue. To prime the pump for Soft’s release, Boden has posted the Great Skin-produced “Soft As Rain” on SoundCloud for the world to enjoy.

Tracklisting for Dan Boden’s Soft

1. A Soft Opening
2. Anonymous
3. Romeo
4. Soft As Rain
5. For Heaven’s Sake (Let’s Fall in Love) <3
6. Reload
7. Jaws of Life
8. Rusty
9. Catching Fire
10. Good Time Summer

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