Miller, the Champagne of Beers, Seeks Next Superstar DJ. Yawn.

miller soundclash

Like every other brand and their mother Miller Genuine Draft continues to set their sights on dominating dance music. The beer brand, who present the Miller Music Tour, has launched Miller SoundClash, a worldwide search for the next superstar DJ. In order to enter, contestants must upload their DJ 15- to 30-minute mix to Mixcloud and dazzle the judges in every way possible by May 31 (yawn). A DJ’s mix must receive at least 100 plays in order to be considered and increase Mixcloud’s time on site stats. From there a shortlisted group of jocks will be flown to Las Vegas to battle it out (double yawn) with the grand prize winner getting to perform at Marquee Club in Sin City.

Obligatory press release gush from Steve Arkley, Miller Genuine Draft’s Global Brand Director: “Miller Genuine Draft is at the heart of the world’s greatest electronic dance music experiences and Miller SoundClash sees us supercharging engagement with emerging talent in the global nightlife scene. We’re extremely excited to be giving all DJs across the world the chance to showcase their skills to a global audience. What aspiring DJ wouldn’t want to win the chance to light up the nightlife of one of the world’s greatest party cities?”

While competitions like this help out aspiring DJs looking for a leg up, couldn’t Miller have come up with a concept that’s a little more original than the zillion other DJ competitions that have preceded this one? If you’re wondering if we have ideas, well, we do. But they can only be divulged after signing a scope of work.

Darren Ressler

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