Marc Houle’s New Album Is A ‘Cola Party’

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When we checked in with Berlin techno don Marc Houle last month he was about to release his Fusion Pop EP and was in the process of completing his sixth artist album. “We’re mastering it right now — it’s got nine tracks that are all over the map, and I really really like it,” he told us. “It’s a step forward for me but it’s still my style. I’ve also been playing them out recently to good response, so I’m pretty excited about releasing it.” Today Houle announced more details about the full-length. The follow-up to 2012′s Undercover is titled Cola Party and will be released on July 4 on Items & Things, the label he co-runs with Magda and Troy Pierce. A cursory preview of the album reveals Houle digging into a wealth of sounds, styles and his trademark pitched down vocals and quirky rhythms. As a bonus for digital DJs and Traktor users worldwide, the album will be part of the Native Instruments’ Traktor Remix Set series in July. The stems of seven of the tracks from the album will be on this Remix Set release, following on from an array of other well-known artists who have done the same since the Remix Set series’ inception in Autumn 2012. As for the significance of the title, well, that’s a bit of a mystery at the moment.

Cola Party Tracklisting

1. Over The Top
2. I Don’t Wanna Know About You
3. S.T.E.A.K.
4. Cola Party
5. Jackn’ Jill
6. Hot Sauce
7. Raybans in Bahrain
8. Gimme Gimme
9. Alpha Bit

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