Michael Woods Reports DJ Booth Altercation with Justin Bieber After Refusing to Play Hip-Hop

Michael Woods Justin Bieber

London-based progressive house DJ/producer Michael Woods says he had an altercation with shirtless pop star Justin Bieber while in the DJ booth at in Seoul, South Korea, on October 10. Woods claims the incident became heated with he wouldn’t take Bieber’s request to play hip-hop.

Taking to Facebook, Woods reported: “The story is Justin Bieber and his army of heavy security muscled in to the booth halfway through my set in S. Korea demanding hip hop. So when I told him to fuck off and put some clothes on, he took a cheap shot at my tour manager and instantly fled behind a wall of even more of his security.”

On Twitter Woods added:

Deadmau5 was quick to side with Woods, promptly denouncing Bieber on Twitter:

Woods has apparently felt the wrath of Bieber’s loyal fans and has laughed it off:

Michael Woods plays Velvet Hypnotized in Bali on October 16, hopefully without incident.

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