Citing Visa Issues, Tricky Forced to Cancel Select U.S. Dates


Famed Bristolian rapper/musician Tricky has been forced to cancel a few dates on his upcoming stateside jaunt. The cause? Visa issues, some of which are linked to brushes with the law he had years ago and the delay between US and UK police authorities getting on the same page. His tour upcoming tour supporting his latest album, False Idols, will now start in San Francisco at the Treasure Island Festival and conclude with a re-arranged date in New York on October 26.

“The most upsetting thing about this, whatever happens it seems like it’s me letting people down,” Tricky said in a statement. “Other people have always dealt with visas for me and it turns out that they have not advised me properly. Now I have been advised that this was going to be straightforward and easily done in time for this tour and now this has happened.”

The statement added that Tricky’s team is already working on his visa for his 2014 tour.

Yehouda Silverman

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