Grimes Gives Free Music Production Lesson


Canadian electro artist Grimes has posted a step-by-step lesson on how to to produce music for almost free. “I guess you’ll need a computer… so that might be expensive,” she prefaces. “BUT if ur reading this you probably have one.” Grimes goes on to reveal that her favorite production program is Abelton Live, though she has an affinity for GarageBand since she used to record her third album, Visions. After walking her virtual students through a few rudimentary basics of of Ableton Live, she also offers some advice on selecting and recording microphones. Grimes closes the tutorial by stating that she’s not a production expert but will answer questions from those in need of more information. She concluded: “i can try to go into it but im not super expert at this stuff cuz i figure it out as i go along.”

Read Grimes’ full lesson here.

Darren Ressler

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