After Failed DJ Debut in Sao Paulo, Paris Hilton Spins in Cannes

After what was regarded as a disasterous debut on the decks in Sao Paulo in June, prompting DJs to vent their thoughts on Twitter, Paris Hilton played a surprise DJ set at Gotha nightclub in Cannes Saturday night. An insider told X17online, “The crowd went absolutely wild when Paris showed up at the DJ booth. Princes from the royal families were dancing nonstop and loved her so much. They kept sending her massive $200K bottles of wine and champagne.” The Daily Mail reported otherwise: “Wearing a black and white tiger motif mini dress, black sunglasses and fingerless gloves, the socialite appeared to be enjoying her mix even if the crowd of middle-aged men at the Palm Beach Casino club were unmoved.”

There’s no video of Hilton’s set on YouTube as of now, but rest assured we will continue searching for it.

Darren Ressler

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