Uffie Apologizes For Failed Bastille Day DJ Set in Shanghai, Promoter Claims She Was Drunk

French singer Uffie has apologized over a failed DJ set in Shanghai that left fans angry and promoters crying foul. The 24-year-old electro artist with a party girl reputation was booked to spin at Mao Livehouse, but the set turned out to be a flop. Talking to SmartShanghai, the party’s promoters, Four Leaves Productions, claim Uffie “got absolutely intoxicated and spent the whole time on stage just walking around doing nothing. We couldn’t do anything about it.” Angry fans, who paid 300rmb (about US $47), immediately took to Uffie’s Facebook to comment about their dissatisfaction with the performance. “By far the worst show I have ever seen and paid for,” wrote one fan on Uffie’s Facebook wall. “All you did was jump around like a drunk bitch having someone else spin records. If you don’t give a fuck then don’t take people’s money and run.”

Uffie’s team deleted the negative comments (read a few of them below via Shanghaist), with the singer later posting an apology and explanation about what transpired at the club.

“For my audience who was disappointed by the performance at Mao Livehouse, let me sincerely apologize and explain: I am a singer and not a DJ, so when I was booked for a DJ set at the Mao Livehouse in Shanghai, it was clear that I was bringing along another DJ to play songs I love (and obviously not to sing as it was a DJ set booking). Its really unfortunate the public paid a high fee expecting a live and not a 3 DJs line up party. The audience should have been clearly informed on the flyers and promo that it was a DJ set with a DJ partner and not a LIVE. Again very sorry for this incident…”

Four Leaves Productions say otherwise about what went down: “It said in her contract that she would DJ but in fact she came with a support DJ and just handed the DJ CDs to play. When we realized she wasn’t going to be DJing herself, we thought she was going to sing like she always does, with the DJ supporting her in the background. But she refused to sing.”

While some fans accepted her falling on the sword (read Uffie’s tweets below; she seemed genuinely upset about the gig), some didn’t. One commented: “As you are not a DJ, why did you accept an offer to do a DJ set ? I might offer my services to a local hospital tomorrow. I’m not a doctor but fuck it, the money is good.”

The event’s promoters say they’re going to have a stern word with Uffie’s booking agent in the hopes of receiving compensation.

“Now we are trying to put together as much evidence as we can to send to the agent and try to get something back. The only thing we can do is to apologize to everybody in Shanghai.”

via Shanghaist

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