DJ Sneak vs. Steve Angello: A Twitter Feud Gets Personal

The good vibes typically shared among DJs every March at Miami’s Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music Festival have taken an unexpected turn in the opposite direction with DJ Sneak and Swedish House Mafia’s Steve Angello embarking on a war of words — or tweets, actually.

The two world renown DJs began mixing it up after DJ Sneak and Junior Sanchez began exchanging casual tweets mentioning Swedish House Mafia on March 27.

Sneak later tweeted to Sanchez:

One thing led to another and Sneak began amping up his criticism of Swedish House Mafia on Twitter. That didn’t go down well with Steve Angello, who fired backed at Sneak.

Several DJs have weighed in on the row including Roger Sanchez who tweeted: “The truth is we r ALL in this 2gether- we’ve spent YEARS building this – now that the world FINALLY.” He later added: “djSneak is also Fam & he deserves respect & every1 I entitled 2 opinions but I agree w @steveangello.”

Perhaps one of the more humorous comments about the brouhaha came from Dennis Ferrer: “JESUS ALMIGHTY!! For once It isn’t me starting sh*t on twitter. I don’t feel alone anymore.”

APRIL 3 UPDATE: Read our exclusive interview with DJ Sneak about his feud with Swedish House Mafia here.

Darren Ressler


  1. What is this.?
    Dynasty.? The Bold & The Beautiful?
    Really guys…come ooon…you´re turning this into a soap opera…
    As a teacher I would send you all to the naughty corner to think
    Peace, Love &  Music go hand in hand & so should you
    Natasha Ibiza

  2. I respect the position of Sneak. 
    SHM like the others brand new “DJ” are a mostly fakes that not even sit in studio making music or play for real.
    Marketing is very good but i not see any talent there. I see only something for Market radio station owned. 
    Big up for this man that finally say the truth about this shit.

  3. i believe both are have their fare share of audiences.. both are loved for their contribution in the EDM industry.. maybe they should meet up and a couple of drinks and do throw down a B2B.. i’d pay a pretty penny for that! 

  4. I’m sorry, I can’t “respect” the new or young genres coming up. I appreciate good music, and lately, good music has a long way to go. As a DJ myself of 17 years, I’ve seen the changes in the scene, DJ status’s and IMO, a reduction in good music nowadays, a lack of talent, and frankly, ratings. This is only my opinion, and opinions are like assholes. I still use vinyl from time to time, mostly CDJ’s now due to a back injury.

  5. EDM – Fuck that bollocks , this is House culture we are talking , nearly as old as Hip Hop Culture and as valid – EDM is trance fuckers – let them do there thing just call it something else not HOUSE

  6. right my 10 cents as a DJ of 10 years +, gone from vinyl to cd to laptop, i’m in to both sneak and SHM after seeing videos of a certain Mr Sebastian Ingrossion (not sure of the spelling) of SHM recently playing  a festival  using premixed CD’s 3 tracks a time of their music that is not DJing that crosses the line between DJ and performance (using any pre mixed material is wrong, it’s about going from track to track and reading the crowd no matter your DJ style or genre) if SMH want to perform their music they should take a leaf out of deadmau5 or Richie Hawtin’s book on performance of stage material, and if Richie is booked to DJ he DJ’s & doesn’t  use pre-recorded material, thefore SHM over the last couple of years as DJ’s they have lost creditably to me, but their studio productions are second to none as they never failed to rock any of my dance floor. 

  7. Shm is THE BEST “GROUP” out there!! Idk y everyone is saying its fake? Cmon now ! Watch the fuckin videos of them on set or dig up the REAL dirt tht says they are fucking real! Pls if they weren’t then they woudnt b wat they are today now would they? Yea didn’t think so. Nd everyone bashing guetta…I just saw him live, NO FUCKING FAKING WAT SO EVER!!!!!!! SO EVERYONE WHO WAS “TRYING” TO CALL HIM OUT CAN SUCK ONE. And SHM is soooooooo real its not even funny. Sneak, man get off ur damn high horse! Barely anyone evn knows ur ass!! Ur so fuckin old in the edm world its not evn funny! For instance….compare the fb fans you have, as opposed to shm or just steve angello himself! They hav waaaayy more fans and RESPECT THAN U WILL EVER HAVE AND ITS FUCKING KILLIN UR ASS!!! BECUZ U FELL OFF THE MAP N AREN’T IN THE TOP 100 ANYMORE AS OF LIKE WAT ?? THE 90’S!!? CMON GO SUCK A BUTT SNEAK! UR ABOUT WORTHLESS NOWADAYS! FAKE OR NOT SHM WILL HAND UR BALLS TO U! ALONG WITH THT ASS ON A HUMP….RITE IN THE PALM OF UR HAND!! U WOUD NVR BATTLE IT OUT ON SET W/THEM CUZ THEY WOUD TEAR U A NEW FUCKIN ASSHOLE W/EVERY SONG THEY PLAY!!!!!!! 🙂 THANX!

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