Premiere: Reza Safinia – Vitruvian

Reza Safinia

As the heartbreak of the past 15 months lingers in our collective consciousness, it’s heartening to see a creative finding their voice.

Since the start of the year, Iranian-born producer/multi-instrumentalist/musical journeyman Reza Safinia, who was raised in London and lives in Los Angeles, scored HBO Max’s Warrior and presented his piano-driven, neo-classical album, Yin. On July 16, Reza will issue Yin’s electronic-fueled companion, Yang, on his Music & Texture label.

Ahead of the album’s release, we’re thrilled to world premiere “Vitruvian” from the 11-track affair. It’s an epic, bittersweet instrumental filled with crashing waves of heavenly pads and hellish atmospheric synth melodies. Reza orchestrates the melancholy cut to conclude on a tense and rousing crescendo. In the end, you’re left emotionally spent with your body racing with adrenaline, almost as if you’ve just stepped off a wild rollercoaster ride. Trust us when we say that this is peak-hour fodder for one of Acid Pauli’s shamanistic DJ sets.

Reza had this to say about the song: “Vitruvius was an architect who had ideas about sacred ratios in design that were made famous by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing ‘The Vitruvian Man,’ the image of the man in a circle showing the proportionality of his limbs. I was thinking about that design in all of nature when I wrote this track. It was the second track I recorded on the album and it defined a lot of the areas I was going to explore in the other tracks.”

Hit the play button below and enjoy.

Image by Christopher M. Fowler


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