Premiere: Listen to Minutes Unlimited’s ‘Making Contact’ EP Produced by Michna & Eliot Lipp During Historic East Coast Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm

Minutes Unlimited

Old Man Winter really kicked New York City’s butt this year. Four nor’easters in three weeks brought snow and arctic cold, knocked out power and closed airports and schools. Big Apple residents were sent scrambling for bread, milk and beer at Trader Joe’s and local bodegas throughout the five boroughs.

Instead of taking a snow day during January’s Bomb Cyclone, an epic storm that wreaked havoc on the East Coast, kindred musical spirits Michna and Eliot Lipp hunkered down in the lab and casually laid down a soundscape of minimal tracks on tape with synths and beats. Not too long after the snow melted the pair had completed the Making Contact EP, a gloriously satisfying instrumental trap record, under their Minutes Unlimited alias.

We’re thrilled to world premiere the four-track EP out tomorrow on Young Heavy Souls. Get a first listen below. Here’s hoping spring is here to stay!

Image by Rebeca Diaz

Minutes Unlimited EP

Darren Ressler

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