Video Premiere: Reindeer – Black Monoliths Over New Jerusalem


English writer/producer/rapper James Reindeer blends atmospheric shards of post-rock, field recordings and his unique, often tormented flow for one of the most original signatures we’ve heard in some time.

Ahead of the release of his debut album, Field Reports from the Western Lands, out on March 30 via Anette Records, we’re thrilled to world premiere the moody video for “Black Monoliths Over New Jerusalem” directed by Arvid Wünsch.

A chaotic nightmare dream sequence set within a dystopian city landscape. We find ourselves amidst a psychedelic haze, on the roof of a tower block, staring out into the neon and grey of the city vistas.

The song is a testimony to finding oneself completely lost within a moment of desperation. The spiralling sensations of both the known and unknown, of the remembered, the current and the impending; a myriad of emotions crashing in waves.

Featuring an intro that might fit an Interpol track, the composition subsequently crashes into six/four time, guiding us on a hypnotic journey of undulating sub bass and waves of crescendoing guitars and synth parts.

The video was shot in collaboration with artist, and fellow 667 Guild member Lucien Shapiro in Leipzig, Germany. It features two of his signature masks, as well as one of his much-publicised vessels. Shot in conjunction with his Fear Collectors Rituals tour, it is a treasure to behold.

Darren Ressler

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