Premiere: Chris Hunt – Carnelian EP

Chris hunt

Atlanta-based producer Chris Hunt, formerly of the trip-hop, art-rock band Cloudeater, has been on a new musical journey since the group’s dissolution. Following the release of 2016’s Tomb and Tomb II solo EPs, he continues his exploration into forging textural ambient soundscapes on the Carnelian EP.

We’re extremely pleased to world premiere the six-track effort out on February 26.

Says Hunt of the release: “We hear the voices but only the echoes. The way the impression slips away and becomes its own. The ritual happens in ‘Of Will and Descending’ and we hear the process in ‘Teal Reprise.’ Even though these cycles are ancient we still lament them. Oranges and yellows make way for blues and blacks. It’s pain and sadness but also duty. In some form or another, the ruin will always be.”

Darren Ressler

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