Premiere: Big Everything – Sa Wut

Big Everything SaWut

As members of the Afrobeat-inspired outfit Underground System, New Yorkers Peter Matson and Elenna Canlas have come a long way between that project and the work they create as the duo Big Everything. On “Sa Wut,” which will become the third single from Big Everything Mixtape when it drops on June 16, the pair embarks on a sonic adventure that takes them way beyond Afro-funk.

That’s not to say they don’t still keep things funky; they undeniably do, but in more (and different) ways than before. The slip-and-slide electro-funk grooves that Mason and Canlas have come up with are influenced by everything from the UK Funky scene of a decade ago to classic ’70s P-Funk, and inevitably a dash of Zapp influence, making for a loose-limbed, woozy atmosphere that’s nonetheless packed to the gills with hard-hitting beats. So what will the rest of Big Everything Mixtape sound like? Stream “Sa Wut” below and then you can extrapolate from there.

Jim Allen

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