Premiere: Betoko – “Blisters” (Dub Mix)

Beto Cohen

You know the feeling that accompanies that shift between full-on party mode and post-party adjustment to the everyday world? “Hangover” might be the closest name for it, but that’s not quite right either. Well, it may not have an official name, but at least now it has a theme song, courtesy of Betoko.

The London-based deep-house hotstepper has a new single on the way, and “Blisters” was written with exactly the aforementioned vibe in mind. And just in case one cut isn’t enough to get you through the aforementioned emotional journey, Betoko’s single comes with some additional mixes, courtesy of Johannes Brecht and Third Son. You can grab yourself a first listen to the dub mix below.

Blisters is out October 2 on Hedonism Music.

Jim Allen

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