Premiere: System2 – “Hypnotic Carpet”

System2 Everybody's Freakin

Steve Lawler’s VIVa MUSIC continues to flex its mighty A&R muscle, signing promising talent and pushing dance music to the max with each release. In May, we introduced you to new signings Alex Neri and Federico Grazzini and now we have the pleasure of premiering “Hypnotic Carpet” from Mancunian duo System2‘s upcoming Everybody’s Freakin’ EP.

Comprised of Tez Hurst and Danny Hevingham, two veterans who’ve recorded under a different guise for Get Physical, Nervous, PIAS and Cécille Records, System2 have been deep in the mix for years and clearly know their way around a DJ booth.

Their musical savvy and technical flair is evident on the aptly titled “Hypnotic Carpet,” a rolling boil of a track peppered with spacey vocal samples and swirling sounds that we’re betting — if played on the right sound system — could evoke an out-of-body experience.

Listen on proper headphones and be prepared to go on a magic hypnotic carpet ride.

System2’s Everybody’s Freakin’ EP is out June 15, 2015 on VIVa MUSIC.

Darren Ressler

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