Premiere: Alex Neri and Federico Grazzini – “Desert Rose” (Federico Grazzini Mix)


Steve Lawler‘s VIVa MUSIC proves yet again why it’s one of the most consistent house labels in the game with Alex Neri and Federico Grazzini‘s sprawling upcoming effort, “Desert Rose.”

The result of an improvised jam session between two of Italy’s rising DJ/producer stars, riffing on melodies and beats on vintage analog machines (Roland TR909, Jupiter 8 and Moog Voyager) led to this back to the future gem which glides along the border of house and techno.

Listen to the world premiere of “Desert Rose” (Federico Grazzini Mix) below, and be sure to snatch it up the 12″ out May 11 and digitally May 25, 2015.

Darren Ressler

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