Premiere: Jay Haze & Signor Andreoni’s “Take a Dip”


Jay Haze is a producer whose name is synonymous with bespoke house music. His array of tracks issued over the years speak effortlessly to the mind, body and soul. After sharing “Take A Dip” with Charlie and Eli from Soul Clap back in 2012, Haze, who has been working as a social activist in recent years, finally delivered two more stellar tracks and has resulted in The Mulatar House EP due out December 1 on Soul Clap Records.

We’re pleased to world premiere the gorgeous track produced with Signor Andreoni on the beach in Sardinia from the EP featuring the Mulatar, an exotic string instrument — there’s only 16 of them — built and played by his musical collaborator Jordi Lockruf.

Says Haze of the EP, “This EP is super special for me not only because I was able to introduce a new instrument to the world via vinyl (how cool is that?), but it was made with friends, and with the intention to put more music into electronic dance music.”

We can’t wait to hear more musical magic from Haze and his Multar.

Darren Ressler

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