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U.K.-based house music DJ/producer Lee Walker has been on a tear since he presented his edit of DJ Deeon’s “Freak Like Me” to the world five or so years ago. Since that breakthrough moment, he’s kept the momentum going by releasing pure fire productions and remixes on Hotflush, Nervous, Circus Recordings and Hot Creations.

In another huge step forward for his career, Lee received a co-sign from New Jersey house music icon Kerri Chandler, whose Madhouse label released his latest track, “Tricks,” complete with both U.K. and U.S. Garage mixes, last week.

We caught up with Lee and asked him to share his five favorite tracks of the moment.

1. Instinct (UK) – Don’t Know (INSTINCT)
Honestly, I could’ve easily picked one of 15 tracks by Instinct, but this one is recent, dark as you’d like and an absolute weapon. Beautiful bit of sleazy UKG with a simple and catchy vocal line. Despite the bottom end maybe coming across as “messy,” it really does the trick and works really well.

2. Alfredo Romero – ASMR (Dansu Discs)
I’m loving this and some of his other bits at the moment. The really stripped back, groove-focused nature of this track really speaks to me and drags me back to my early days warming up at *riffraff in my hometown, albeit with a bit of different flavor. Props.

3. Frankel & Harper – Conquering Lion (Council Work)
Such a brilliant track. Their Council Work label has been putting out some absolutely great and unique bits of UKG. Their sound combines classic UKG grooves with melodic themes you’d be more likely to hear in a tech-house or an old-school deep-house track. Such a great choice of sounds fused together really nicely.

4. Soulecta, Bitr8 – Best Kinda Love (Garage Shared)
And we go a little tiny bit off the established track with an uplifting, traditional as it gets, UKG banger. Soulecta has been putting some of my favorite bits together over the last couple of years in this vein. It’s the perfect opportunity to mention that we have been working on some collaborative bits that are coming along really nicely!

5. Timmy P – Don’t Zoom (Seven Dials)
This entire EP on Seb Zito’s Seven Dials is great, but, in keeping with the overall theme, I decided to go with “Don’t Zoom.” It definitely falls more into the “tech-house” side of things but with very heavy UKG influence, particularly in the drums. I love it when artists take heavy influence from multiple genres and incorporate those influences well no matter how subtly it’s done. Great track from Timmy.

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