Go Inside ORGATROID’s Studio Filled With Rare & Vintage Gear [Video]

ORGATROID Photo by Chela Whiteman

ORGATROID’s Jason Daniello and Jeffrey Richards give us a tour of their well-equipped studio in Asheville, North Carolina.

In this video, they share stories about the machines in their jaw-dropping gear collection, some of which were used on the recording sessions for their debut Future Youth EP for Iggor Cavalera and Laima Leyton’s Delayed Records and their remix of Mixhell and Joe Goddard’s “Strong & Wrong.”

Jason and Jeffrey also recall how they met years ago in Albuquerque, playing in rock bands and eventually gravitating toward producing electronic music. A selection of ORGATROID’s studio setup featured in this video includes:

Chroma Polaris
Mellotron Micro
Sequential Prophet 6
Elektron Analog Rytm
Elektron Digitakt
Moog Matriarch
Moog Opus 3
Moog Model D
Roland Juno 106
Moog Mother-32
Moog Subharmonicon
Winter Modular Eloquencer
Earthquaker Afterneath
Intellijel Metropolis
+ more

Filmed and edited by Paul Shaver. Image above by Chela Whiteman.

Darren Ressler

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