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With a history as a metal and rock drummer, Utrecht-based DJ/producer Pythius brings a distinct point of view to his chosen medium of drum ‘n’ bass.

After presenting the Descend full-length album in 2018 on Blackout Music, he amps up his bristling sound on the Upheaval EP released in April.

The intense four-track release features a collection of kick-ass tracks, including a pair of ripping collabs: one with Black Sun Empire called “Kepler” and the other with French d’n’b master Redpill titled “Watch Me” (kudos to the guys for cleverly opening the track with a vocal sample from one of Oldham County, KY upstarts Knocked Loose’s fiery live sets).

As Pythius looks ahead to the future, we checked in with the Dutch master to find out his five tracks of the moment.

1. Audio – Marauder

I love this track! The Reese bass pumps your adrenalin levels to 200% and the synth switch answer takes it right back home! Amazing track that should (have, if not for corona) destroy any clubs it’s played in!

Annix – Boomerang

This track is cheeky and a bit weird, but that makes it all the more awesome, I love the offbeat feel of the bass and the weird pitching. It makes it unique and interesting in a world where everyone seems to prefer straight F notes.

Burr Oak – Boeh

This French duo consisting of The Clamps & Opsen (formerly part of Signs) are killing it at the moment! And this track is a proof of concept! A highly energetic with a sick acid-ey buildup and a bassline that sounds like someone is firing a death ray from a huge starship.

Pythius & Redpill – Watch Me

Can’t go on without some shameless self-promo. Redpill and I went in for the metal vibes with this one with a ton of guitars and angry screaming, but also staying true to drum ‘n’ bass with a big Reese bass flying around!

Neonlight – Computer Music (2020 Remaster)

I used to love this track when it came out, and I do again! Neonlight has really given this track the shine it deserved again, and it sounds amazing! The vibes and the groove are gold, and I think it’s a timeless track.

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