Ben Delay 5 Tracks of the Moment

Ben Delay

Red-hot German DJ/producer Ben Delay made quite a transatlantic splash with his snazzy contribution called “Brooklyn (Back In Time)” heard on the four-track Brooklyn Sessions 2020 EP, a release that dropped in April on Nervous Records. The famed NYC label invited Ben, along with London-based biological brothers in rhythm Ash from Trutopia and Lisbon’s Moullinex, to collaborate in a Big Apple studio in September 2019.

After Trutopia shared their five tracks of the moment, now it’s time for the Cologne-based house music maestro to tell us which tracks are floating his proverbial boat. Read on to find out more.

Gene Farris & ATFC – Spirit of House (Toolroom)
Two legends in house music team up and they don’t disappoint. The drums sound like [they’re from] early ’90s house tracks. Add some simple piano chords, spoken word [vocals] and you got everything you need. This is a sure player for me!

Choices – Less is More (Music to Dance)
A very laidback track – not really for the peak time but so good track to warm up the dance floor. This one has disco written all over it. I love the compression on the drums!

Sammy Deuce & Sebb Junior – Funk Voyeur (Motive Records)
A funky bassline, guitar and happy vocals. What more can I say? Just a feel-good track that always catches my attention. Sounds like the good old filter-house era stuff.

Ricky Castelli – Like You (Nervous Records)
Am I wrong or do I hear the piano chords of Black Box’s “Ride on Time” in this tune? Anyway, I loved the Black Box track in the past and I like Ricky’s track with the new vocals and cool strings. And the label is surely one of the best I’ve ever worked with.

Ben Delay – Believe (Let There Be House)
One of my latest releases. When you get to making a chart many people say you are not allowed to chart your tracks. I think this is wrong. I produced this track and released it so it seems that I like it a lot. So why not chart it? Here we go!

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