2019 Rewind: Red Nailmaker

Red Nailmaker

How was 2019 for you?
Red Nailmaker: It was the year the Red Nailmaker project started. I’m happy to see how warm these noises were met by the industrial-techno scene.

The first vinyl single by Red Nailmaker was released in April on Folgsamkeitfaktor, a new industrial sub-label by Wunderblock Records. Also, Red Nailmaker was featured on the WR label showcases in Berlin, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Sad to see a further commercialization of the techno scene.

Song of the year?
Not just a track, but a whole new album, Ostalgia, by the one of the godfathers of EBM and industrial, Rhys Fulber, on Sonic Groove. It’s totally over everything else that was released last year. Fresh sounding and epic work.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
A lot of work on new music, new single on Folgsamkeitfaktor and then an album are in near plans.

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