2019 Rewind: Jazz-O-Tech


How was 2019 for you?
Alessandro and Mattia: It was definitely a super-hot year for Jazz-o-Tech; things really started to happen at fast pace! Suicide Club, the techno club in Berlin, asked us to organize at their venue our first label showcase where we invited VSK to perform with the sound of Alistair Duncan and his Trombone. Our artists Flat Maze, Paine and Plastik.Soldiers performed at Jazz:Re:found Festival in Italy, and we issued two vinyl releases: White Gardenia Vol 2 and Black Gardenia Vol 1 – Beat Movement, which includes a remix from techno pioneer Sunil Sharpe. They were both featured in many charts and radios around the world like BBC Radio, Boiler Room, Resident Advisor and Radio Bayern.

Overall, we are really pleased on how our innovative project is developing and how the public is responding, there is really strong interest.

Feedback and great reviews apart, seeing people dancing during our techno-jazz live sessions. It’s what we really loved to see this year!! It’s a great payback for all the efforts put in the label so far!

Well, not everybody understand our ambitious project. It takes time, but we trust our mission. We will continue to evolve and involve great artists in our roster and in our parties.

Song of the year?
How couldn’t we choose our own track? This is the remix made from Sunil Sharpe to Beat Movement. It’s funny to see how the people react when a DJ plays a techno record with jazzy inserts!

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
We want to organize our first party in the U.S., but meanwhile we are continuing to research a certain quality of sound that make this project ambitious and long-lived.

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