2019 Rewind: Frankey & Sandrino

Frankey & Sandrino

How was 2019 for you?
Sandrino: 2019 was a very exciting year for me. We played some really good shows and visited some new and exciting places. We released a lot of new music on labels we love. I spent almost the whole year with my family in Tuscany’s heavenly seaside. My love and hunger for the music is stronger than ever. (It constantly grows every year.)

Frankey: As Sandrino said, 2019 was an intense year. We travelled a lot and wrote a lot of new music. At the same time I’ll never get over the fact that each year seems to pass by faster.

Somehow the last NYE feels like it recently just happened, but in reality the next one is already knocking on the door.

S: My little daughter’s first day at kindergarten; my older daughter’s 16th birthday; our family trip to Sicily at the beginning of the year; my first India tour; and my all-nighter at Goethebunker.

F: It feels like the amount of good quality gigs was higher in 2019 than in any other year and it’s also what keeps me going and look positively into the future…

S: Regrets I have a few but then again too few to mention…

F: The importance of social media, political correctness and black & white filter-bubble-thinking went way too far in 2019. At this point it becomes unhealthy for everybody. I naively hope we will come to a turning point soon.

Song of the year?
S: To be honest, I find it very unfair to pick just one song out of around 2000 collected during the whole year. Every single of those songs gave or still give me some sort of satisfaction so I can call them all songs of the year as I love them equally.

F: Never able to pick a track and I also like to look at the global music situation including everything. So for me the most refreshing development of 2019 is the phenomenon of Billie Ellish, as she is a true artist in all aspects, created a new and fresh sound and yet she seems to become one of the biggest stars in the world at only 17 years old.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
S: More time with my family, maybe a little vacation, doing more sports, writing new music…

F: Like every year: More sports and more structure.

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