2019 Rewind: Sydney Blu


How was 2019 for you?
Sydney Blu: Pretty incredible. I spent most of it in Berlin writing a new album. Toured a lot and threw some pretty big events! I can’t complain.

Moving to Europe and being inspired musically again. My event series The Blu Party was great over the past year. I did a huge parties at WMC and Detroit’s Movement Festival. I also debuted the Blu Party in Phoenix. I did a 15-city tour in September heading back to North America and also played some amazing European clubs like Sisyphos in Berlin, Destino in Ibiza and Noir Club in Munich. I also was a part of an amazing initiative to bring underground dance music to the Juno Awards in Canada.

Even though moving to Europe was a really good decision for work. it was really hard to leave my family. I try to go back for extended visits.

Song of the year?
Pig&Dan’s “Promised” (Raxon Remix). I played this everywhere. Such a brilliant track. So primal.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I have daily goals I work on. I’m always setting them and checking back in on them. New Year’s has nothing to do with it. A couple of those goals are to continue to focus on music by finishing my album and planning the biggest Blu Party I’ve ever done this year for WMC for our ten-year anniversary.

Darren Ressler

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