2019 Rewind: Frankyeffe


How was 2019 for you?
Frankyeffe: It was a beautiful year. Hard work, but nice.

I did a lot of music for my Riot label – five singles for 2019 – plus other releases on Noir, Senso and We Are The Brave! The releases have been well-received by my fans, and I showcased a harder sound that I had been looking for a while. “Snare,” “CrazyMan 2.0,” “Polymath,” “Jealousy” and “Determination” are the tracks that I’m most proud of this year.

My gigs were very beautiful both in Italy and in the other countries thanks to the professional work of my agency, Yam Agency. After many years I went back to play in Rome and Naples and it was amazing. Every gig always gives me something special, for example in Germany the clubbers are incredible and this year I played two times for Electrokuche. The party there is always great!

In the summer my mind was very tired, and I had to rest for about a month. I could no longer concentrate a lot. A nice holiday with Francesca and the sea helped me to spend that moment so I came back to work full load and with clear ideas!

Song of the year?  
It’s difficult to choose one track but the track that I played many times is “K1a” by Tauchen.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To make so many gigs around the world and to release new ideas that I’m finishing in this moment, after which I will make a revolution in my studio!

Darren Ressler

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