Rasmus Faber 5 Tracks of the Moment

Rasmus-Faber 5 tracks of the moment

Swedish DJ/producer/musician Rasmus Faber has released well over 100 releases during his two-decade career behind the boards. Though he is widely known for his deep-house signature and affinity for jazz, he was a devotee of two-step and UK Garage back in the day. Another fun fact is that he’s collaborated with the likes of Kaskade, deadmau5, Pete Tong and Axwell.

Faber recently released his excellent third full-length, Two Left Feet (Farplane Records). The album is a stylistic mix of house, Afro, and assorted genres. The LP features a slew of fantastic collabs, including “Shut Down” featuring pop artist Maia Hirasawa.

We connected with the Stockholm maestro and asked him to share five dance floor tracks he’s currently living for.

Channel Tres – Sexy Black Timberlake (SG Lewis Remix)

SG Lewis is an excellent producer and songwriter in many ways, as in the wonderful song “Throwaway” for example. Here his remix takes a more housey shape, and it’s the kind of track you can play almost anywhere.

Gigamesh – Feral Youth

This track has a really timeless quality, and the main vocal bit ”catch me outside” is just so infectious. I love Gigamesh. He produces music in a really intelligent way, but also manages to keep true to the dance floor and groove.

Rasmus Faber – Son Of A Marimba Maker

Cheekily putting one of my own jams in here. This would be the most housey track on my new album, Two Left Feet. I love playing around with the marimba – it gives a lot of depth to the tracks, and for that reason I even named this track after the instrument. My dad wasn’t a marimba maker though. That would have been pretty cool!

Pat Lok – Fearless (Feat. Luke Burr)

When I hear the music of Pat Lok, I really feel a connection musically. Would be so cool to meet this guy and make some music together! This track, as all his others, is a very tasty slice indeed!

Cosmo’s Midnight – C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)

These guys from Down Under make some of the best soul music today, and with a house flavor in many of their tracks as well, such as this one, what’s not to like!

Darren Ressler

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