Jansons & Senzala 5 Tracks of the Moment


After individually and collectively releasing tracks on Richy Ahmed’s Four Thirty Two imprint, up-and-coming London-based DJ/producer Jansons (half of LoveHrtz) and rising duo Senzala join forces once again to deliver a rousing update of the 1989 club classic “Take Me Away,” which also a boasts a nifty electro remix by LoveHrtz.

For the unfamiliar, “Take Me Away” was originally produced and performed by the musical union of Jeff Mills, Anthony Srock and Bridget Grace who went by the moniker True Faith with Final Cut.

As the buzzworthy cut rises up the house music charts, we checked in with the guys and asked them about their tracks of the moment.

9th House – Keeping Me Up (9th House)


Good friend 9th House has been putting out some really good music lately and this one goes down a treat. Proper feel-good house.

Franck Roger – Vabre (Home Invasion)

Been a fan of Frank Roger’s productions for years and this track really hits the spot. It has a great pace and a classic sound with a hint of disco, which we love.

Collective Machine – Turning (Knee Deep In Sound)

Collective Machine is one of our go-to artists for rolling tracks that sound good in the club. His use of percussion and organic vocal builds really add a tension that keep the ravers locked in.

Josh Butler – The System (8Bit)

Josh Butler has to be one of the best current producers around at the moment for quality music. “The System” is a perfect example of his talent. Progressive synth lines with dark percussive rolls and eerie vocals make this a go-to for peak time in the club. This track has an infectious groove which gets the hands in the air.

G Flame & Mr. G – Oohhh (Metalbox)

G Flame & Mr. G combined are without a doubt my favorite duo. The energy they bring to every record is unreal and their tracks are always a standout in our sets. The beats are so raw and authentic. There aren’t many artists, if any, that can replicate that edgy sound. The fact a majority of their records are back catalogue, vinyl-only makes owning a record feel even more special.

Darren Ressler

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