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Jay Tripwire

Prolific Canadian tech-house titan Jay Tripwire has been deep in the mix since the ’90s. From his home base of Vancouver, he’s built a rabid fanbase courtesy of his productions that reverberate around the world. His skills behind the decks have allowed him to become a mainstay on the global club scene, where he regularly plays at the world’s finest clubs.

Last week saw the release of Jay Tripwire & Modern Ancient’s This Is What U Want EP on Cassy’s Kwench Records. It’s a three-tracker brimming with silky house grooves, undulating tribal beats and lovely basslines. The EP arrives off the back of the release of two massive retrospective albums of Jay’s classic material – Vintage Catalog and Mr_Barcode – mostly vinyl-only tracks produced in the late ’90s to early 2000s.

Below Jay shares five records currently rocking his world.

Einzelkind & Giuliano Lomonte – Civil Stretch

More quality from the Civil Stretch camp. Super-groovy deep sounds with a hypnotic rhythm. I love playing this after about 5am as it really captures the essence of where the crowd is at in the morning.

Melodie – Redesign VI

Melodie is always fire! This is music channelled from in between dimensions. As this song progresses it just builds into this uplifting groove that just chugs along. It reminds me of François K in an indirect way in the choice of sounds and how it’s juxtaposed with the drive of the bassline and the floaty elements layered overtop. A modern masterpiece.

Phiorio – Zero8 (Dry Edit)

Minimal track that takes no prisoners. The bassline is raw and the groove has so many nice call and answers. It’s like a living breathing entity that rolls along. It’s tracky but not boring and great to mix to create some real heavy grooves.

Barac – The Initial Vibration

When I saw this on Bandcamp, I was overjoyed. I love this record so much as it reminds me of the old sounds from the West Coast. I did a re-edit of it as well, adding a fat break underneath it into the intro part and after the bassline I switch it to a thumping four to the floor kick. This to me is the pinnacle of the fantastic texture that exists in warehouse parties – mystical and magical.

Guy From Downstairs – Island

ACIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!! Stripped down, fat drum machines and a gnarly 303…what else do you want??? Great for nice long mixes, especially on the outro, so you can turn the next record into an acid house record on the fly!

Darren Ressler

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